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The new Quantum Array Loudspeaker from Zingali Acoustics has arrived at The Music Room.

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Ground Zero Stands

Jack Lawson updates us on the Zingali Zero Evo and the New Ground Zero Stands

HK Japan (May 2021)

Zingali Zero EVO “Bookshelf” Loudspeakers


It has been almost two weeks since I received wonderful Zingali speakers.


I don't know how to tell you how satisfied I am and how grateful I am to you.

These speakers are truly amazing! My music life is going to be incredibly fulfilling!


I really love the colour and the finish.  

The sound the speakers produce is already great, but it just keeps getting better and better


I have been a keen audiophile over many decades and dealt with many suppliers of high end equipment, and I can honestly say that The Music Room is by far the best I have experienced.  You get from The Music Room objective advice based on a thorough technical knowledge of the audio field which can be relied on as being accurate, and not driven by profit motives.  In addition their post purchase customer support is exemplary both in terms of delivery and addressing any questions concerning the set up and subsequent use of the equipment.  There are few painless routes to purchasing audiophile equipment, but I can confidently recommend the Music Room as being one of them.

AN (AUGUST 2020)

(Zingali Speakers) Thanks again for your efforts Jack, really pleased to do business with you. Honestly not many such a good seller as you.looking forward to listening to them Saturday.

RM (JUNE 2020)

(JPS Cables) I think of you regularly with gratitude and appreciation for guiding me to attain such satisfying sound

BC (APRIL 2020)

As you predicted the Aeolos is superb. I haven't spent masses of time with it but enough going through key records to know its another planet from the Gryphon.