PATHOS Classic Remix
  • PATHOS Classic Remix

    PriceFrom £2,800.00

    Classic Remix, integrated amplifier 2 x 70W@ 8 Ohm - class A / AB - Hybrid technology - fully balanced 3 line inputs RCA and 1 balanced XLR


    pre out S/PDIF and USB “B” type port digital inputs optional ( HiDac/HiDac MK2 required )


    Dimensions: unit 37,8 x 28 x 17 cm, package 45 x 40 x 30 cm - Weight: net 14 Kg, gross 17,5 Kg


    ** Additional Option **HiDac MK2 D/A converter built-in Pcb with converter D/A 32bit/384KHz with DSD and I2S codec to be integrated S/PDIF inputs - USB “B” type port digital inputs

    ”Beauty is the only thing against which the power of time can not harm. What is beautiful is a joy for all seasons and a possession for all eternity ”

    Oscar Wilde

    "Beauty as a unifying element, the universal language beyond of culture, age, nationality, a noble force able to remove the barriers and put in contact humanity.

    Beauty of sound, beauty of craftsmanship, beauty of technology, the beauty of the novelty, beauty of style and design, beauty as an ambassador of a confirmation for those already familiar with the Pathos, or ambassador of the Pathos values for all others that who will find in a new and perfect balance of lines, materials, and technologies, all iconic elements tradition Pathos albeit in a more contemporary formula revisited, in a word: ClassicRemix!"

    Gaetano Zanini, CEO