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The world's greatest head amp is also the most stylish and user friendly.


We just took delivery of an InpolEAR by Pathos Acoustics of Italy. Renowned for their "unorthodox approach" doing different means doing better. If you like lots of knobs and techie stuff, stop reading now. But ask yourself if this is fully featured and outperforms the rest, why the need for knobs, switches, adjustments and lab gear plain ugliness??


Pathos make the Aurium, by far the most versatile and potent headphone amplifier on the market and a stunning bargain at around £1,000.  (After-Brexit,.Boris will tell you that it will be coming down in price. If we lied like politicians we'd be locked up)


So, we wondered, what would a class A and Inpol device with output 8 watts do??


Answer: sublime. It makes headphones disappear. The sound is so crisp with layers of subtleties now audible and yet it is NOT impressive. But try to tell a customer that his time is up.


Inpol is a house invention of Pathos like the traditional Class A which means that your beautiful p - a - t - h- o - s heatsinks are more than cosmetic.


Yes, I hear you say, but £3,500 is more than my headphones cost.....


Well, I say, buy a set of Diana Phi by Abyss; same drivers, lower prices and added elegance.


Any more questions?? Oh, your amplifier costs less?? Well, to be serious, a pair of Abyss headphones and the Inpol (maybe even the Aurium) will provide more resolution, speed, and musical rhythm than massive amps and loudspeakers. 


The InpolEAR is a design statement that says a lot about you. Paired with Diana or Diana Phi headphones this is a game changing proposal. The power and refinement are beyond anything you have heard or can imagine. Way above anything electrostatic, superior build, fit-and-finish, it is a serious consideration. 


InpolEAR is available with optional HiDAC-2, Zebra wood, gloss white and red and ours is shown in a textured matte that no photo can do justice to. 


Four line inputs plus balanced and pre-amp outputs (RCA and XLR) make this futuristic device the heart of your music system. 


I proudly invite you to hear the future ....


  • Is the latest creation from Pathos, so-called because in the design Pathos presents the 2nd generation of their proprietary INPOL® technology.

    It is also a completely balanced dual-mono configuration – easily recognized by the styling.

    INPOL®, which carries a worldwide patent and gave birth to the multi-award winning products TT and InPower, has undergone advanced evolution.

    The INPOL2 is a unique amplifier in many aspects and its sound quality will simply astound.

    InPol (Inseguitore Pompa Lineare - Linear Pump Follower) is a system patented by Pathos Acoustics which has enjoyed great success and won many awards.

    Inpol devices have a special sonic personality obtainable only by means of this particular circuit design - fully balanced in Class A using a single solid state component in follower configuration, with high current gain and with voltage gain together. The valve amplifier amplifies the input signal voltage and InPol supplies the current to drive the loudspeakers without any further amplification. In this way the signal is entrusted to the valves and becomes a true copy of the original, with all the quality, purity and harmonic content of the original.

    This technology allows an increase in the theoretical output in pure Class A of between 25% and 50% together with a low output impedance which is fundamental for the damping factor, and further improved by the double InPol.