Audio cables are not only needed to connect components; they are components. Most are commercial products using off-the-shelf wire and insulators, the house sound is bright (which suits bland systems) or dull (which softens glassy sound). Using big-name cables to cover tonal problems is like adding sauce to tasteless food.

Artisan cables are designed and made by a small number of inventors worldwide who have pursued a lifetime passion and challenge.

Cable Facts

A well-engineered cable is much more complex than meets the eye and costs a lot to formulate special materials and construction. It sounds amazing!

The challenge is contamination from the mains generated from your neighbours’ and your own devices. There is also airborne signal like radio waves which cables pick up as aerials. These include DC offset, RFI, EMI, and chopped AC. Digital cables read them as direct signal. Thirdly, the cable itself is a circuit with resonance having impedance (resistance, capacitance, inductance).

Insulation is not passive: different materials react to signal in different ways.

In summary, the aims are (1) to attenuate mains-borne and common mode signals, hence floating earth and symmetrical signal wires are superior solutions; (2) attenuate radio and electromagnetic waves which cables pick up and convert to audio frequencies … or higher frequencies which leak into your audio system; and (3) pure transmission of signal from terminal to terminal.

Why JPS?

Most people are cynical about commercial cables as an organized media industry. It is not a victimless crime; it is sad and semi-fraudulent.

The Music Room has recommended JPS Labs for over twenty years for sincere reasons and repeat business!

JPSLabs is an acclaimed, designer-led business with its own techniques. It began with a metal alloy created as a signal conductor: “Alumiloy” combined the best performance of silver and long-crystal copper without the side-effects of either. Its entire range of products are developed and made in USA.

  • Established over thirty years JPS offers a full range of interconnects, digital cables, loudspeaker cables, mains cables.

  • The entry range (second generation Ultra-2) starts from a budget / affordable products in a plain box which is US-made and a real taster of JPS.

  • With all designer cables it is advantageous to stay with one good brand; use the same shielding and the same voiced conductor from source to loudspeakers.

I hope this starts to unravel the controversy: now you can explain the mystery of why you might notice that a better mains cord on your CD player really does make your turntable sound better! Audio cables shield your entire system and transmit contamination, even via deselected inputs on your amplifier.

If you discuss your system with us, we can offer you free but valuable advice based on 30 years experience. We can’t summarize a lifetime’s expertise. There are some general principles: for example if you own components that are not really performing or to your liking, JPS is not a tone control to alleviate such problems. If you own components which potentially can impress you, this is exactly where JPS cables win friends and admirers.