• PATHOS Aurium


    Aurium, headphone amplifier 2 x 3,6W @ 16 Ohm - output impedance <1Ohm - Class A tube amplification


    Dimensions: unit 20 x 22 x 9 cm, package 30 x 40 x 17 cm - Weight: net 3 Kg, gross 3,5 Kg

    Audiophile-quality headphones, something that we all thought belonged to the '70s, are back.

    Music enthusiasts from all around the world are upgrading their listening experience by getting rid of earbuds and connecting high-end headgear to their portable digital players, and more.

    With such great stuff on hand, it’s a shame that the only available holes are MP3 players' ones, as most quality amps have lost their jack sockets since decades.

    Pathos laboratories faced this new challenge: can we squeeze our very best quality and technology into few cubic centimeters?

    The result is the newest Aurium headphone amp.