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Music CD's

We live in a Golden Age of CDs of unprecedented quality and value. 


Since 2007 Esoteric has issued cherished jazz and classics in audiophile studio quality we can hardly imagine in Europe. Engraved layer and polycarbonate are very superior to European or American discs. The limited edition often generates collectors’ prices but the precious value is in the miracle of remastering. Formerly transcribed at JVC, Esoteric is proud of its own new studio in Tokyo. But are these hybrid discs worth £50++? On on any CD player the immediate answer is a resounding yes. The superior engineering is nothing short of miraculous. The sounds stand out from the noise floor as never before. Each Esoteric remastering is a labour of love thanks to the enthusiasm and precision of Omachi-san. 

"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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