PATHOS Converto Mk 2
  • PATHOS Converto Mk 2


    Converto MK2


    D/A, converter, preamplifier and headphone amplifier 32 bit/384KHz with DSD and I2S - class A - fully balanced S/PDIF inputs - USB “B” type port digital inputs


    Dimensions: unit 20 x 22 x 7 cm, package 30 x 40 x 17cm - Weight: net 2 Kg, gross 2,5 Kg

    Converto EVO is a DAC amplifier with high quality performances and built up by selected fine components . It allows satisfying all those music lovers who want to get the best from their digital source, which can be fully managed by the App for smartphone and tablet.

    HiDac EVO means all your music in the palm of your hand. Music without borders and easy to manage: this way the goal that the Lab Pathos has been established before tackling this new adventure. The answer was ready and clear with the birth of HiDac EVO, giving many performances at 32 bit and 384 KHz, due to the new ESS 9018 k converter, and prodding the best, easier and more complete enjoyment of digital music.

    HiDac EVO will be able to receive all your music from your smartphone, from your PC by USB or by Ethernet, it can also read the contents of a USB, NAS, shared files only by using an easy App designed by Lab Pathos. Is it not enough? You don’t want cables running across your room? Thanks to HiDac EVO, there will be the possibility to connect it to your wireless network. Listening to music has never been so easy.