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The Music room Glasgow


The Music Room opened in 1979. This gives us the advantage of choosing our brands and of experience over changing formats and customer requirements.


Music Room has always been a Hi-Fi Haven for those prepared to look further and aspire to real Hi-Fi.

We choose crafted products, well engineered, delivering performance and passion.

We sell components at the same prices as entry point products that get the good reviews and pay for the High Street showrooms; we call them “the usual suspects.”

Hi-Fi should be tailored to your needs and an insider or consultant costs you nothing and saves you from a lot of financial and emotional disappointments.

Our city-centre premises, a double shop over the full ground floor is just minutes walking from road, rail, pedestrian, bus station and underground is 10 miles from Glasgow’s Airport. Only two minutes from the M8 we offer free or paid parking nearby.

Uniquely we offer you discovery of prestigious brands the media often overlook for lack of commercial incentives. Among our brands, you will see that we work very closely with Abyss, Burmester, Esoteric, Lateral Audio Stands, New Horizon Turntables, Pathos Acoustics, Revox, Tsakiridis Devices and Zingali loudspeakers.

We were established with the slogan “by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts,” meaning that we do not collect all the popular brands as we can. We are crusaders and idealists. We speak truth to power. We have long forsaken the great names who have sold out to the groups: Audio Research, Mark Levinson, Gryphon, SME – all too expensive nowadays.

All too often, people think The Music Room is expensive, until they pay a visit to discover (too late) these emotional and financial mistakes we mentioned above.

Please make initial contact by phone or email. Share our values. No music, no life!

We have returning customers all over the UK, EU, and the world! We may be doing something right!!??

"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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