Purveyors of exceptional hi-fi since 1979

Opened in November 1979 The Music Room was Scotland's first high end audio retailer, and since then we have become synonymous with the very best brands our industry has to offer. Always run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, our forward looking policies included building the UK's first demo room, as well as being the first to offer two year warranties on all new equipment. We were among the first in the UK to introduce high-end manufacturers Koetsu, Mark Levinson, Audio Research, etc., and we even drafted the founding charter for BADA.


Our own founding aim has never changed: to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to forge long-term relationships built upon a mutual passion for music.

We do not sell flavor-of-the-months. We do not sell products with despec’d components or misleading claims. We sell real Hi-Fi offering real value. Dealerships invariably claim to be enthusiasts, but most sell nothing other than High Street or average consumer products. The customer is given the illusion of choice, but the reality is an unsavoury smorgasbord of middle-of-the-road produce.

The Music Room is different and every day people discover too late what our longstanding customers already know; you need showroom experience and our ability to weed out badge engineering, underperforming products, and to grasp the musical magic of a carefully designed and synergistic system. You need to know what to buy / when to buy / when to wait.

Establishing ourselves early on with extensive groundwork through the 80s and 90s, means that in terms of brands we have the best. We have strong relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, with decades of experience and contacts with many brands that we sell today -- JPS cables, Zingali, etc. But we aren’t elitist or stuck in the past; for us it’s what’s behind the marque that counts and we are constantly on the lookout for innovation and real value. Case in point: Yamaha. While the name will be familiar to most, there is nothing ordinary about their new range of premium and audiophile designs.

Only by trying new formats and discussing the reality behind the industry line and the media spin can you discover… the truth is out there!

Notoriety has a new name...

The original Music Room began at the famous basement in St Vincent Street. Described by the national Press as “a Haven for Hi-Fi enthusiasts” we soon attracted attention worldwide by The Music Room Newsletter. Carried by the printed magazines (remember them?) as advertorials, the monthly updates told the truth and annoyed the paid journalists. Costly and time-consuming it was discontinued in the late nineties but we are delighted to announce and launch here the start of its online successor The Music Room Magazine.

Impartial, informed, insightful, honest and caring The Music Room Magazineis an antidote to mainstream hi-fi press, hopes to bring exposure to the also rans, and a platform for caring customers and manufacturers. Please feel free to suggest announcements, topics for discussion, new products, old products, new technology and old technology.

THE FUTURE: Brick vs. Web?

It is said that independent shops of bricks and mortar and even real Hi-Fi are disappearing. Yes, this is part of a trend but we know that trends are also cycles. As at 2016, many people have been disappointed by the reviews online, deceived by the industry claims, or cheated by dirty deals.

Today we operate from a city showroom and a Music Room annex with more space, peace and quiet for longer product evaluation and experimentation.

As we enter our thirty-seventh year you are invited to contact or visit us to find out what our longstanding customers already know. The Music Room in 2016 is not simply a physical shop, nor is it merely a website or ecommerce store. It is all of those things and more; it’s a portal, a product showcase, a magazine, and an outlet for new and used products, accessories and music. Be patient and watch it grow.