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Red Pathos InPol Ear and Red Abyss Diana Phi  

New in stock Pathos Inpol Ear headphone amplifier in red, Also new in stock the Stunning Abyss Diana Phi headphones in red.  

Together they are a perfect match 

Esoteric P-05 _ D-05.jpg

From the Outlet


Esoteric P-05 & D-05

ESOTERIC P-05/D-05 SA-CD transport and DAC

Distinguished Anniversary model with incredible detail, retrieval and musical beauty 


What our customers have to say

Just to say as expected and as you predicted the Aeolos is superb. I haven't spent masses of time with it but enough going over key recordings to know it is another planet from the Gryphon .... The detail and resolution is supreme there is a richness and another level of insight into recordings I've never heard before. Very happy.

BC (Glasgow)

November 2019

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