Pathos Synapse

PATHOS Synapse


Synapse, stereo preamplifier


Two-stage construction - intrinsically balanced design - original volume block, tubes 4 x 6H30 Input: 3 Balanced XRL, 3 linea RCA Output: 2 Balanced XRL,


Dimensions: unit 43 x 53 x 27 cm, package 50 x 63 x 30cm - Weight: net 23 Kg, gross 33 Kg

The worthy partner for an amplifier like Adrenalin is a new balanced preamplifier that represents the state-of-the-art of Pathos technology.

A task for each one

The apparatus is made of two chassis. The inferior part has the power supply and all the control logic, including the amazing fluorescent display, while the upper part contains the stages of analog signal management. The choice is to optimize the complex circuitry by keeping electrically noisy parts far from those used in the signal. This preamplifier may be almost described as a three chassis apparatus because the line stages of two channels are completely separated on the power supply and ground level. Additionally, the logic part is separated with an insulated ground.

Zero ground-loop

The connection between logic and two stages is through photo couplers to guarantee the circuits separation. Thanks to this layout, we have the advantage to avoid ground loop. To this end, designers performed a further fineness: a complete electrical disconnection of all inputs, so that only the selected input is electrically connected to its line stage while all others are open including ground level.

This stubborn search, aiming to optimize ground tracks and avoid fussy ground loop brings inevitably to a redundancy of circuit series, mainly power supplies, thus bringing a considerable increase of costs. That is why it is impossible to find a similar solution in equipments of current production.