• PATHOS Kratos

    PriceFrom £8,500.00

    Kratos, integrated amplifier

    2 x 200WRMS@ 8 Ohm - 2 x 350WRMS @ 4 Ohm 2 balanced XRL line,

    5 unbalanced RCA line, 1 balanced XRL direct to the power amp Hidak Mk2 and Phono stage RIAA for MM/MC optional 1 Pre out stereo unbalanced RCA - 1 Pre out stereo balanced XLR

    Dimensions: unit 43 x 53 x 19,5 cm, package 60 x 80 x 35 cm - Weight: net 35 Kg, gross 41 Kg


    Kratos' name directly comes from its most important feature: power. In Greek mythology, indeed, Kratos was the god of strength, might and power.
    Kratos is based on Pathos’ hybrid circuit, with tubes pre-stage and Mosfet final stage; it has 200W for each channel.
    But that’s not all. Kratos’ pre-stage and final stage are clearly separated, with a prestigious pre-out and direct input to final stage; both pre-out and final stages are balanced XLR .