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Zingali Acoustics

We have said for 30 years that these Italian loudspeakers are the world’s best. A high claim, but first look at the style, build quality, and value. Then consider the unique Omniray horn. Now realise that the load and efficiency mean that all amplifiers, 10 - 400 watts optimises signal transfer. No other loudspeaker does that. Secondly, as your room is the final component, loudspeakers are hit-an-miss unless they are Zingalis. We can tell you that they will work in any room. Why? Because the Omniray horn and its latest revision, avoid the beaming of high frequencies and the reflections in the room.


We are always happy to explain this in detail, but take note that people rarely sell or upgrade from Zingalis. They will work with your new amplifier and in your new room. Consider the Zero BookShelf at £3,250 per pair. Badged TAD, Magico, Wilson, etc, could sell for £13,250 easily.

"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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