Zingali Quantum Array 2.8
  • Zingali Quantum Array 2.8


    Quantum Array launched in 2020 at Amsterdam ISE is the greatest advance in loudspeaker technology and a vision of the future. The Omniray-2 horn integrates high frequency compression driver with one or more bass drivers, thus clarifying the sound and allowing an array of more than one small diameter bass drivers with short throw. Coupled to acoustic crossover and previous innovations of reflex porting and pedestal waveguides, the resulting sound advances performance in a startling and immersive experience. 


    Smaller drivers allow smaller cabinets but the potent efficiency allows unprecedented speed and detail with the full bodied harmonic signature so much lacking in today's high resolution loudspeakers. 


    Zingali may continue as the audio world's best kept secret or is it a conspiracy? A reviewer once wrote, If Zingali has it right, then all other loudspeakers have it wrong. Now, what will he say when he  hears the Quantum Array? More important, what will YOU say. As for me, I still cannot believe my good luck and listening pleasure. 

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