ZINGALI Twenty Evo 1.2 30th Anniv.

ZINGALI Twenty Evo 1.2 30th Anniv.

PriceFrom £11,995.00

It's always feels strange to talk about "value for money" and "bargains" when in the same breath you mention five-figure sums, but what the hell: the Zingali Twenty Evo 1.2 is a bargain. A steal. It's a loudspeaker system that contends and even exceeds those at double the price.


It's hard to focus on just one highlight, there are just so many... cohesive, full, engaging, deep wide soundstage, but if there's a standout, it's the tonality. Music just sounds so effortless and tonally balanced through these Twenties. We have noticed that 12" drivers seem to strike the perfect balance between weight and speed, so is it any wonder Zingali opted for this configration for their very special Anniversary release?


Maybe the imaging is slightly, slightly, minutely less tack-sharp than some. But we're really splitting hairs and... well we have to find something to criticise otherwise it would seem too good to be true. And what is lost in absolute imaging is more than made up for by wide and high listening sweet spot.

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