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The Collection

The Music Room introduces “The Collection”: a concept and brochure first published at Munich 2019.

We are very proud of our inner circle. Designers and manufacturers motivated by pride in their products and cutting edge technology and craftsmanship. It is for this reason we are most delighted to introduce “The Collection”: a concept and brochure first published at Munich 2019. The Music Room has launched a nationwide franchise, so at a dealer near you or a web store on your device, excellence is at reach thanks to our instincts.

In most cases Collection products are rightly called Giant Killers. And there is no finer example than Tsakiridis Devices. New this year are upgraded Zeus phono stage and the Athena power conditioner: this is an incredibly effective device based on an isolating transformer. The best news is the price which is £1,200.

New Horizon announced a new upmarket suspension turntable in gloss wood and an upgrade path for their stunningly priced GD-1 and GD-2 turntables whose unbelievable base prices remain at £399 and £659. The unique selling point -- beyond the styling elegance only Italy offers – is the precision engineering normally associated with very expensive turntables. The exclusive platter bearing was being proudly demonstrated to attendees. Remember that the noise and resolution of a turntable is based on this. We should make a YouTube video to make the point (excuse the pun).

The only element even further upline is the LP itself, and that is where a record cleaning machine is essential. The market offers so many, but truly most are noisy, relatively ineffective and poorly built. The best engineered without doubt is Nessie range by Draabe Technologies who have acquired the other famed German brand Hannl. But costing £995, the NESSIE Vinylcleaner announced at last year’s Munich, now in full production, is for obvious reasons the winner!

From Italy, Zingali continues to keep horn loudspeakers affordable by avoiding shows and marketing costs. Their presence was felt at Munich because other loudspeakers regardless of price, just do not give the same astounding performance.

In the Collection range of distinguished engineering, the costly and controversial aspects of audio cables and mains conditioning are covered by JPSLabs and Tsakiridis Devices. Their 10-outlet passive filter, the Super Hercules costs only £445.

An introduction to the highly selective Collection products can be found in our brochure. To grasp the whole idea of The Music Room and The Collection, click here for a brochurefor potential resellers and aspiring audiophiles who want to start with a clean sheet…


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