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News for January 2024

In 2024 I am working solo and by appointment only.

Insider advice costs nothing and can save you a fortune. My experience and enthusiasm challenge the dishonesty and mediocrity that the high-end of audio and music has become. I can achieve much higher value and performance from audio equipment for mindful clients.

The Music Room is at the leading edge of the audiophile arts, blending traditional value only with new technologies and trends that are more than that. In 1979 the Music Room was started by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.


This year I am pleased to announce Music Room becomes the national distributor of LAST — the world’s most tried and trusted record cleaning and preservatives from California, USA. This is full circle, return to origins, as we were the exclusive importers once before and still have some of the rainbow packaged products from these early days.

New products from Esoteric and Pathos redefine hi-fi amplifiers. The Aeolos amplifiers from Greece redefine the potential of valves at a fraction of the perceived price. Zingali’s new Omniray-2 horn leapfrogs loudspeakers into the 21st century being wife, room and amplifier friendly. On a very tight budget? The APEX isolation feet from LAS as slim as 10mm (how low can you get?) received and deserved a rave review in USA which I can verify.

Today’s smart buyers seek bargains, but the mindful buyers seek quality, value, and expertise. An artful music system requires synergy and infrastructure of pure mains, good wires, isolation of bad vibrations and some cleaning of contacts and physical media.

A great music system at any price point is a joyous investment in life itself. It is sometimes joked that wives are the enemy of H-Fi but they are the ones who see audiofools; those who cannot see the wood for the trees. Become an audiophile and enjoy life, enhance your home experience, let music — not electronic sound technology -- into your life.

Ask yourself why each dealer stocks the brands that they do!


"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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