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LAST Factory

Music Room is proud to represent in the UK the world’s most trusted cleaners and preservatives for audio media.

The company was founded in 1979, same as The Music Room, and I had many happy dealings with Walter Davies. Sadly, he passed away in 2020, a year after he left the company in the enthusiastic and safe hands of Jeff Kaskey. I am honoured to say that they have entrusted us, once again, with the esteemed brand.

Needless to say, I am convinced and a happy user. The products are not cheap but they are carefully researched, purely made, and extremely high value and cost effective.

Brochure / pdf available. See also The FAQ/ Forum is a very useful resource of information; users’ questions that have been answered over many decades!!


The LAST Factory is a science and research-based company dedicated to producing the highest quality products to clean and protect recorded music.

LAST formulas were developed by research scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to clean and preserve their own record collections. With extensive testing they developed formulas that extend the lives of styli and vinyl records and produce an incredibly pure undistorted signal. The LAST Factory family of scientifically-developed products now clean and protect your complete audio collection.

L A S T – Liquid Archival Sound Treatment. Livermore CA. Founded by the late Walter Davies, now owned by Jeff Kaskey.

For explanations, testimonials and very helpful FAQ (with answers!!) I have added my own experience as a dispassionate and unbiased person … well, during the years of distribution by Mike at Moth Marketing and Gary at Analogue Seduction.

Microfibre Applicators

Less costly and longer lasting than carbon fibre brushes, these are the key to effective record cleaning and the application of preservative right into the microgrooves, where it matters! Almost £46 for ten? Yes, but they LAST (oops, pun) are washable; and compare ell to the cost of a Record Cleaning Machine, which they emulate and can replace.

Power Cleaner for Records

This is not a cheap product but when LPs are so costly, precious and irreplaceable it is a NO BRAINER. It is used once only on new and existing LP records, to remove factory oil release which is sticky and accumulated finger oils and airborne reactants.

Once power-cleaned, you can apply LAST Record Preservative to your cherished discs; or, just dust from time to time with a LAST Applicator Brush/ Carbon Fibre brush; or just play the records!! Dust is less attracted if the grooves are not sticky and if the LP is de-static-earthed.

Record Preservative

Something between a miracle and a no-brainer when LPs are so costly, precious and irreplaceable. No other product like it. For about 200 plays or more, record wear is arrested. The lower friction also preserves the stylus and you can hear the improved sound. If you can’t hear it, see the SEM photos of grooves untreated and treated 200 / 400 times.

All Purpose Record Cleaner

Leaves no residue. Safe for vinyl and 78s. Everyday cleaner used with applicator for a far superior deep and effective removal of dust and oils from the groove. More expensive than the inferior or useless products, but what would you expect?

Stylus Cleaner

Again, there are cheap and nasty products but the risk to costly cartridges is just not worth it. You have to dissolve sludge from stylus tips and you have to use a safe fluid. Get into the habit; it takes a few seconds and a bottle lasts typically ten years. Once used, enjoy the record or proceed to STYLAST.


Copied but not equalled, fifty pounds buys you, say, ten years and a new cartridge! Advantages: (1) extends stylus life by up to ten times, so repays itself! (2) lower friction reduces records wear and (3) improves sound quality.

Record Cleaning Fluid

Based on a classic alcohol and distilled water formula plus developed additives, none of which leave a trace, and all of which are bio-degradable and tested and used in all known Record Cleaning Machines including the ultrasonic ones. The secret additives act to enhance chemical reaction and penetrate the groove by reducing surface tensions and beading. Not for use with shellac discs or cylinders.


"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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