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CEN.GRAND is moving into Europe and The Music Room is proud and delighted to be an early adopter.


The story of CEN.GRAND is in contrast to the me-too and copy clones from the east. These products are not another Chinese line. They are a real challenge to the status quo -- not a cat among the pigeons but a grenade into the over-priced high-end.


Everything from the exquisite casework, excellent remote, accessories, packing, manual, and support exude high-end. 


CEN.GRAND is proud of its intense, individual, and intelligent research and discoveries -- in sharp contrast to the flood of copy products now seducing the public.


Consider the new, UK specified version DSDAC 1.0 Advanced Edition: its 

futuristic techniques include a unique algorithm to generate DSD audibly superior to previous upsampling, and offering 8 filters surfed remotely for your comparison.  


And the old problem of timing smear is resolved by two amazing circuits employed, a direct clock and the blocking of the source signal's clock, so the device within the DSDAC delivers its full potential from any source, including (or especially) Red Book 44.1 PCM.


The headphone amplifiers have started to earn the rave reviews they fully deserve. Watch this space. 

"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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