Zingali Quantum Array - 6 Months On

By Jack Lawson 2nd September 2020

Zingali Quantum Array

Towards the end of 2019 Giuseppe Zingali, designer and founder, invited the Music Room to preview a new technology. I could hear in his voice that something excited him. One flight to Italy in January solved the mystery. 


Omniray-2 is the new invention, in fact it is a revolution, a Quantum leap, because it integrates the wave guide for the high frequency compression driver and the low frequency woofers which take on a speed and integration never before experienced. 



This technology powers a new range of stereo loudspeakers which were launched at ISE in February 2020. Of course the pandemic intervened and Giuseppe, an expert at Home Cinema with a specialist professional and stadium division, has now introduced a centre and sub in the Quantum Array series for those of us who wish theatre and movies in safe home conditions. Zingali Home Cinema sound must be heard to believe its superiority. Because it employs the West Coast voicing of compression drivers, paper woofers and horns, it simply outperforms domestic brands at many times the price.

The Music Room, after 30 years as a dealer, is a UK distributor, offering a long experience of product and room matching. Customers do not buy a Zingali loudspeaker, “they get married to them,” wrote Alan Sircom. The reason is immediately apparent – here is an Italian crafted unit of furniture for the price of mass-produced boxes. Sonically, far from the detail machines that radiate sound from diverse drivers and play havoc with room acoustics, demanding digital or acoustical room treatment.


Happily the Omniray loudspeakers continue -- with significant revisions -- in the Zero EVO and the TWENTY series (introduced almost 15 years ago for the company’s anniversary.) We are also offering trendy new finishes for the 2020-21 season!!


But. In the year 2020 Omniray-2 has been introduced. The principle is shown on the attached pdf. The future has arrived. If you like the sound of loudspeakers, we have no argument. Buy something conventional. If you like vivid sound, not even ribbon or electrostatic drivers deliver Quantum Array performance.


Simply put, imagine a piano; a drum kit; a singer; a full orchestra; etc; live! If you believe that your streamer / CD / turntable / amplifier are letting you down, you first need to hear Omniray-2.


Zingali Quantum Array holds pride of place at The Music Room as the most advanced loudspeaker technology. We have six pairs on demo, beside which others may be reviewed and recommended but they do not deliver the performance, nor do they look as the same level of crafted quality. After 6 months or running in and familiarity we are astounded and (more important) we have listened to our customers’ reaction.


It is true that some people still like the looks and sounds of Zingali Omniray because it clearly outperforms the nasal bloom of traditional horns, yet it has the tactile presence. The Quantum Array is hard to capture in photos: in life the play on corners and curves unfolds over weeks and months. 


It has also proved true that running in takes longer than before, and the rich, warm bass comes in after, say, 100 hours. Before then, you are satisfied but not amazed. Quantum Array has been tried successfully with inexpensive sources and sounds remarkable but it is for systems of high caliber and resolution. Quantum Array, I found, is less “plug-and-play” than (say) Zero EVO loudspeakers; it repays a bit of system optimization and then you will get a stunningly fine soundstage.


We also found that the small loudspeakers behave at least as “two up the range.” They are powerful even in large rooms and with small wattage. I admit that I do like the big loudspeakers but it is perhaps an indulgence. I won’t talk you out of it. But the smaller Quantum Array will surprise and even shock you. Sadly, most dealers will prefer the large performance of the big brands. Performance meaning profit!! Please seek out a dealer who can let you see and hear Zingali. 

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