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Grand Prix Audio Upgrade Classic Monaco and Launch New Monza stands

By Jack Lawson 6th April 2022

Grand prix audio stand_HEIC.png.webp

Grand Prix Audio Monaco Stands currently in our showroom

Grand Prix Audio’s classic Monaco modular isolation stands continue to set the standard and perform far beyond expectations. Its Formula 1 engineering, strength and breath-taking looks are expressed in silver or black columns ... and as bases, racks and amp stands. Upgrading can be done at any time with carbon fibre platforms and Apex feet. 


And modular means you can add new levels: very handy when you buy a streamer or that two-chassis component!


Serious revisions to classic Monaco in recent years include superior Formula shelves now with electrostatic earthing; larger XL feet, have to be heard to be believed; and the awesome Generation Two dampers. Like polo mints: yes, there's a hole in the middle. Why; that is a good question. It's a secret. But if you own Monaco stands, you should enquire now! We have them in stock for all components weights.

New to Monaco stands? Consider the Nouvelle, four column series or ….

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 11.24.37.png

Grand Prix Audio XL feet

Grand Prix Audio Monza.png

Grand Prix Audio Monza Stand 

The Monza ... employs the same Generation Two elastomer liquid dampers.


This rocked the Hi-Fi world and inevitably became Accessory of the Year for HiFi+ magazine.


Why do I say inevitably? Because no other isolation stand has the engineering or understanding, nor the unrivalled manufacturing tooling and techniques. Even those a lot more expensive. 


In Boulder, Colorado, the extreme theoretical parameters are not a pipe dream but crafted into real machines. GPA stands may be "accessories" or "passive" but audiophiles and music lovers are divided into those who have discovered and those who just theorise about Grand Prix Audio.


Hearing is believing! 


So we can send you  through the post a set of three mini Apex feet. Put them between one component and your shelf and then consider the asking price.


Or we can lend you two sets of large Apex feet for your loudspeakers … 


Buy them, but only if they raise the performance of the system by so many orbits and blow away any misgivings you have about your present system. Buy cheap and you buy twice. Buy into Grand Prix Audio and rise above the mundane.

"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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