The Super Athena UK Edition is an advanced and fully specified mains conditioner. It is the most accomplished and startling device of its kind. Costing a third or less of the norm, it is unique in addressing all amenable issues of contaminated and assymetrical mains.

The main component is an isolation transformer configured to deliver balanced power for the UK version, which audibly cancels spurious common earth distortions. It features a power choke capacitors for mains reinforcement and power factor correction.

The front panel features the informative LCD display and Bluetooth data is sent to communicate with smartphones using the Tsakiridis app.

The ten AC outlets are studio grade UK types, 2 direct, 4 filtered, 4 isolated for optimum system enhancement. No guesswork, plug, play, and be amazed. To the audio trade: Super Athena works wonders in Hi-Fi Shows where hotel power supplies degrade the sound.....


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