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Nessie Vinylmaster Reference

Nessie Vinylmaster Reference

NESSIE Vinylmaster Reference 
The record cleaning machine that washes both sides in one operation

Brief description 

The NESSIE Vinylmaster Reference washes and dries records on both sides in one operation. The difference to the NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance is that you do not need to turn the record over to clean the second side.  

Four microfiber pads clean the record intensively and gently. The interactive display of the machine guarantees the easiest operation. Proven long-life motors and a powerful automatic suction system ensure the best possible washing results. 

Two tanks are integrated into the machine: a storage tank for the cleaning liquid and a separate tank for the dirty water. This means that washing is always done with fresh cleaning solution. Both tanks are electronically monitored. 

The machine has separate pumps for dosing the upper and lower sides. This enables the necessary supersaturation on the downward facing side of the plate. So here is also properly washed and not just damp wiped.

Unlike simply constructed machines, the NESSIE Vinylmaster Reference has two separate functional units for washing and suction. This brings many advantages to the user, but above all a better washing result.

Functional overview 

- Single button operation with interactive color display
- Language may be chosen when initilizing the machine
- 3 wash programs selectable (Normal, Intensive and Manual)
- Display of washing time, number of records washed, etc.
- Monitoring of the filling levels of both tanks
- Washing arms with microfiber technology
- Electrostatic discharge through grounded center mandrel
- Automatic liquid application in exactly the right quantity
- Separate dosing pumps for upper and lower side
- Manual re-dosing possible at any time
- Automatic change of rotation direction LEFT/RIGHT
- Automatic suction starts and stops automatically when the suction arm is put in place
- Mechanical locking of the functional arms
- No clamp, but solid chrome-plated puck with label seal and magnetic power support
- Housing made of water-resistant, deep black carbon acrylic
- Basotect® noise insulation in the housing
- Separate fresh water tank made of PVC for the cleaning liquid
- Dirty water is drained via a practical drain hose, practically magnetically fixed under the front of the unit
- 24 months warranty plus 6 months manufacturer's warranty with online registration
- Outstanding manufacturing quality "Made in Germany
- CE certification

Scope of delivery 

1 x 500 ml NESSIE Vinylin, alcohol-free
1 x Filling funnel for the cleaning liquid 
1 x Chromed plate weight made of solid aluminum
1 x drain hose with clamp and magnetic fixation
1 x Set of spare microfiber strips
1 x Magic Vinelle microfiber cloth
1 x Allen wrench
1 x IEC power cord
1 x instruction manual in English

Technical specifications


Dimensions: W x H x D : 400 x 330 x 235 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
Voltage: 115V to 230V
Max. Power consumption in operation: approx. 500 Watt
Tank capacity cleaner: approx. 450 ml
Tank capacity dirty water: approx. 625 ml 

Quality and design - Made in Germany

The high manufacturing quality of HANNL and NESSIE plate washers and the longevity of their components are legendary and appreciated worldwide. There is no manufacturer in Germany with a longer experience in building record washing machines.
While even well-known German manufacturers are increasingly turning to cheap MDF housings, we remain true to our quality standards. The machines built from high quality carbon acrylic with their chrome plated elements and thought out to the last detail are technically and optically unmatched.

Easy washing

A record washing machine should generally be simple and solidly constructed and offer the user a maximum of comfort and flexibility. Especially when many records are washed one after the other, it is easy to lose track. 
The programs selectable in a NESSIE or HANNL can be chosen according to the degree of soiling and provide the operator with information about the washing time, the number of records washed, etc. at any time. This means that record washing does not become a stressful task, but a pleasure that can be done virtually on the side.
The user is not restricted in any way and can extend the washing time or add detergent at any time. If the customer simply wants to decide everything himself, he selects the "Manual" program.
The electronics and the washing programs were developed by practitioners such as Günter Hannl and Dipl. Ing. Uwe Draabe on the basis of decades of experience and are in use in countless machines worldwide.  


    UK Shipping: 

    APC Overnight (up to 30kg). The premium Next Day service is upgraded on request to 12 noon delivery / SECURITY / Saturday and various options. We have found APC to be a reliable, courteous and predictable service.


    Europe, EC, and abroad: 

    For every despatch we use a professional broker to organize the fastest and highest quality shippers, and we normally use DHL or UPS depending on territory. Our broker monitors the documentation and Customs Clearance carried out by these two reliable carriers.

    Above 30kg: 

    For UK and overseas we use pallet shipping which is a professional service and avoids risks of mishandling and loss. It is not expensive under our contractors and worth a quote.


    The Music Room enjoys a 40-year tradition of customer care and at time of writing, full 5-star Google reviews. In addition UK customers enjoy the legal rights of mail order and distant selling. 

    We have exported happily for many years and most probably have happy customers in your country who will confirm our reliability and refund in the event of mishaps. 

    Refunds can only be made by the same payment form and to the same account to avoid possible fraud or money laundering.

  • The Music Room price matching...

    The Music Room price matching...

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