Product Variant
  • LAS-4 Integral, Amp, AmpX

    High performance audio surfaces are integral and directly mounted with adjustable energy absorbing connections, substantial and suitable for heavy audio components.
    Upgrading with the LAS-4 Concert surface significantly improves the performance of the Integral, Amp, and AV wide stands.

    'The LAS-4 Integral exhibits a natural, fluid and coherent soundstage, getting the tracks right and has you digging out your favourite tracks'

    LAS-4 Amp & AmpX for large and mono amplifier setups.
    Overall Sizes-645(w) x 495(d) &
    595 (d AmpX) x 185(h)
    Surface sizes- 540(w) x 440(d) &
    540 (d AmpX)

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