PriceFrom £1,200.00

    What is it? Oak audio isolation furniture, available 3 - 5 tiers with upgradeable "Concert" platforms.

    Why is it here? Made in Britain, affordable, it really sounds great and looks drop dead gorgeous. Lateral Audio Stands focus and make natural sound so dramatically that .modest components perform as never before and great components are unchained from mechanical vibrations, whether internally generated or externally transmitted.

    The LAS-4 Integral is the important basis of the LAS-4 series, with the same unique structure of the LAS-4 Concert. The LAS-4 Integral offers a more considered approach for users, importantly it can be fully upgraded to LAS-4 Concert when the needs of a future systems may arise.

    The 500mm and 630mm leg length are excellent for multi stand setups. 
    The 780mm and 4T & 5T leg options allow multi component setups and create a higher stand.

    Image shows LAS-4 Integral 3T-500 with Counterpoint feet set as standard, with an optional DCP Concert platform added to the top tier, 

    Black Satin finish
    HC 'high capacity'
    No logo
    Bespoke spacings (please contact your dealer)