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ESOTERIC Grandioso M1x

ESOTERIC Grandioso M1x

Transforming the full range of music from dignified silence to surging 
passion, a new milestone in amplifiers brings together wisdom and technology. 
Esoteric’s Grandioso M1 “X” Edition.



This is the total number of new components employed in the New M1 “X” Edition. 1,018 out of 1,554 components in the “X” Edition, (specifically 90% of the electrical circuitry) have been completely redesigned from the original model.


Dynamic Soundscape

As the music starts to play, the presence of the audio component disappears into the background and the excitement of the listening experience is revealed; a place where the music is unleashed in all its dynamism and majestic scale. By introducing an inordinate number of new materials, particularly the completely redesigned drive stage and power supply section, the M1X’s New signature sound provides music with an extra dimension.


Ultimate Fidelity

Esoteric, as a high-end brand, has been at the forefront of audio innovation. Along with the Grandioso C1X linestage preamp, Esoteric challenges the limits of fidelity in preamp to amplifier signal transmission. Esoteric's unique current transmission system “ES-Link Analog” is the ideal method for preamp to amplifier transmission where the signal level is extremely low. Compared to the conventional voltage transmission, it transmits approximately 100 times more current, making it less susceptible to noise and sending the full energy of the music to the amplifier.
Also, in principle, it is not affected by the impedance of of the interconnects running between the preamp and amplifier, so it is possible to maintain a perfect integrity between the output signal of the preamp and the input signal to the amplifier.



The all-new drive stage has been expanded in size by 150%, from 6 to 12 parallels, while boasting an astonishing power linearity from 300W/8Ω to 2,400W/1Ω*. It delivers sufficient current in a perfect correspondence with the change of load level, effectively meaning you won’t need to concern yourself over what speakers you can use. Now, you can enjoy the true sound of the original master, even on music with a wide dynamic range.  *Only for music signals.


Infinite Power

Everything about the M1X is done on an extraordinary scale. The M1X’s incredible power is supported by Esoteric’s largest-ever power supply, which occupies the space of approximately 60% of the unit’s internal components. The 3,000VA/19kg main power transformer has been further refined in terms of rectification capability by implementing heavier winding gauge. In addition, high-capacity Esoteric custom capacitors with a total capacity of 60,000μF have been adopted to refine the amplifier’s signature high-quality tone.



Even at the climax of a full orchestra, the M1X will draw forward even the most nuanced detail from every instrument with its key feature high resolution capability. Incorporating a dedicated power supply unit for the pre-drive stage (voltage amplification stage) that handles extremely low-level signals from the preamp, the M1X eliminates the influence of the drive stage with its large current fluctuations and improves resolution.


Simplicity Is Excellence

Considering its massive appearance, you may be interested to learn that the circuitry of the M1X is surprisingly simple. The crystal-clean sonic signature of the M1X is composed of a product of advanced engineering known as, “Aesthetics of subtraction”.



For example, all 24 transistors on the drive stage are controlled to be the same temperature for total balance and stability, and the phase compensation circuit employs a simple single-pole configuration, which also allows the final stage to be coil-less. With its minimalist circuitry philosophy, it maintains the harmonics (overtones) that are most important to music, but are often easily lost, and draws them out with rich expression.


Into the Deep End

While the M1X’s circuitry is minimalist, the components are among the largest. Its extra thick copper clad printed circuit boards, the huge bus bars used in the drive stage, and the ultra-heavy gauge cables with secure, lossless bolt on connector system, are reminiscent of a huge aircraft engine. By reducing the internal impedance and by gripping even a large diameter woofer with authority, its driving force reaches the limit of the low frequency range with ease.


Sonic Gradation

The M1X not only delivers the dynamism of high power, but also renders the gradation between climax and silence with amazing subtlety. A newly designed balanced input stage amplifier that is independently settled on each input, receives the signal and transmits it to the amplification stage in a balanced configuration to ensure noiselessness. Carefully selected components such as IDM-01 (Integrated Discrete-Amplifier Module) originally developed for the C1X preamp, and FET switches used in input selector, further enhances the micro detail of the music.

  • Manufacturer's Description

    Speaker output  
    Rated output power 300W (8Ω)
    600W (4Ω)
    Analog audio inputs  
    ESL-A 1 (Monaural)
    XLR 1 (Monaural)
    Input impedance 100kΩ
    RCA 1 (Monaural)
    Input impedance 10kΩ
    Power supply  
    Model for Europe/Hong Kong AC 230V, 50Hz
    Model for US/Canada AC 120V, 60Hz
    Power consumption 400W (55W when no signal)
    External dimensions (W×H×D)  491 × 221.5 × 536mm
    19-⅜" × 8-¾" × 21-⅛" (including protrusions)
    Weight 62kg / 136-¾ lb


    Audio performance

    Frequency response 5Hz to 100kHz (+0dB, –3dB, 8Ω)
    S/N ratio 119dB (IHF-A, XLR)
    Total harmonic distortion 0.006% (1kHz, 8Ω, 300W)
    Compatible Speaker Impedance 4Ω to 16Ω
    Gain 28.5dB


    • This product is available in three different power supply variations, as shown in the chart above. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
    • The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.
    • Design and specification are subject to change without notice.
    • Weight and dimensions are approximate

    UK Shipping: 

    APC Overnight (up to 30kg). The premium Next Day service is upgraded on request to 12 noon delivery / SECURITY / Saturday and various options. We have found APC to be a reliable, courteous and predictable service.


    Europe, EC, and abroad: 

    For every despatch we use a professional broker to organize the fastest and highest quality shippers, and we normally use DHL or UPS depending on territory. Our broker monitors the documentation and Customs Clearance carried out by these two reliable carriers.

    Above 30kg: 

    For UK and overseas we use pallet shipping which is a professional service and avoids risks of mishandling and loss. It is not expensive under our contractors and worth a quote.


    The Music Room enjoys a 40-year tradition of customer care and at time of writing, full 5-star Google reviews. In addition UK customers enjoy the legal rights of mail order and distant selling. 

    We have exported happily for many years and most probably have happy customers in your country who will confirm our reliability and refund in the event of mishaps. 

    Refunds can only be made by the same payment form and to the same account to avoid possible fraud or money laundering.

  • The Music Room price matching...

    The Music Room price matching...

    We are an official Esoteric dealer and offer the best UK prices. If you have seen this product cheaper elsewhere, Let us know; we will match or beat any price.

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