ESOTERIC Grandioso D1X

ESOTERIC Grandioso D1X


The ultimate Esoteric Monoblock DAC for the ultimate in stereo playback. With Master Sound Discrete DAC, High 64-Bit Resolution, Support for DSD 22.5 MHz DSD and 768kHz PCM, equipped with ES-Link Analog for Current Transmission of the Highest Audio Quality.

ESOTERIC's flagship model named "Grandioso"

The Greek god Atlas held the skies on his shoulders as he stood at the center of the heavens.This peerless new Esoteric system has been designed from the ground up to showcase two unique innovations; a completely new in-house designed discreet DAC circuitry.
This unparalleled flagship product, the latest to carry the 'Grandioso'* name, now stands at the center of future exaltation in the audio experience.

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