ESOTERIC Grandioso C1X

ESOTERIC Grandioso C1X


The Grandioso C1X has two separate chassis, with each channel totally independent from the other Esoteric, Ultra Fidelity Attenuator System provides 0.1dB/1,120steps super precision volume, Employs 2sets XLR output and 2 sets ESLA outputs which each set has Quad Buffer Amplifier 3sets XLR input can be switched to ESLA inputs.

For the control center of Esoteric’s flagship Grandioso X edition, our engineers looked ahead to what lies beyond what a preamplifier should be.
In order to surpass the Grandioso C1, winner of countless awards following its 2014 introduction, we set out to thoroughly reimagine the volume control system – often considered to be the fundamental core of a preamplifier – thereby dramatically improving its precision and clarity of sound to become the standard for a new era.
Esoteric’s accumulated engineering knowledge and expertise was focused on the creation of a new preamplifier that meets the desires of the consummate audiophile.
– The new Grandioso C1X

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