ESOTERIC Grandioso C1

  • Sound, in the form of music has tremendous power to move our emotions. In music, the absence of sound can be as powerful as sound itself.By skillfully combining knowledge, technology and materials, we can create audio components that is capable of generating these same strong emotions. Then, in blissful communion with the music, the listener is able to forget the very existence of the audio system.Placing its prestige on the line, ESOTERIC proudly introduces an outstanding new preamplifier: Grandioso C1.

    The Grandioso C1 is the result of the dedication to audio quality instilled in every component that bears the proud Grandioso name. Advancing well beyond the core objective of creating “high fidelity,” in the development of the new C1 we set our sights on new summits, blending the sensibilities of the audio engineer with those of the consummate musician.

    A product of uncompromising craftsmanship and the highest standards of audio fidelity, each C1 preamplifier is handmade in our Tokyo factory and fully reflects Esoteric’s underlying Grandioso philosophy. State-of-the-art circuit design and leading-edge technology combine to realize outstanding audio performance. The C1’s robust construction employs two separate chassis, with each channel totally independent from the other.

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