Abyss Diana Phi Red driven by the striking Red Pathos Inpol Ear. 

By Jack Lawson 28th November 2019

Abyss Diana Phi in Red driven by Pathos Inpol Ear also in Red 

Better Red or Dead


Many people are turning to headphones for a variety of reasons. Space. Economy. Intimacy. Why economy? Because equivalent loudspeakers cost so much more.


Until now the binaural experience has been primitive and geeky … until now. Music Room has commissioned a special edition of Diana Phi crafted in USA matching the Pathos Inpol EAR amplifier with its HiDAC-2, RCA and XLR source inputs.


I think that you can see the style. I wish that you could imagine the sound. Words will never be enough. I think it is music taken to its traumatic “end of the rainbow,” achieving the future -- virtual reality, today. The singer whispers in your ear.

Abyss Diana Phi in Red driven by Pathos Inpol Ear also in Red (top view)



The Diana Phi is just this, the original Abyss planar driver, now subject of a USA patent, shoe-horned into an elegant shape, the world’s first audiophile headphones now light, thin, and comfortable. But for some time Diana has been seeking worthy a partner … and here is the match made in Heaven …. or rather, in The Music Room. We congratulate Abyss Headphones and Pathos Acoustics.


Priced at £7,450 for both items, we recommend and supply the balanced cable with 4-pin connectors for the full experience. We have never heard or seen anything like it before.



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Diana Phi

Diana Phi


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