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From Music To Magic

By Jack Lawson April 2021

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Lateral Audio Stands

Whether you have basic or super Hi-Fi components you will not even approach the potential performance without five elements: synergy, audio wires, isolation, room acoustics, and pure power.


Each presents its own challenges but on those rare 1% of systems that get it 90% right, the music transcends the system and its evolution. Today’s historical and audiophile recordings are capable of stunning authenticity that impress the most cynical partner or friend … and you!


This essay will focus on a range of acoustic isolation products from a new UK designer which has hit the market in a timely manner with sensible prices and unusually high performance and quality: Lateral Audio Systems.


The same audio component mounted of a set of three CC’s (Contact Components) have astounded everyone without exception. It is not subtle but a quantum leap in exchange for £450. Superbly engineered bearings there are a few secret processes and some that are obvious and impressive as is the sound.


These principles are rolled out in a new range of amp stands intended for monoblocks, stereo amplifiers, and in my recommendation, suited to moving the integrated amplifier away from the source components if you have the space.


The company’s LAS-4 Integral is the core product. Available in three to five shelves natural oak or black oak; customized for your requirements and can be altered over the years. The LAS-4 Concert is the enhanced version for those who place higher value on isolation’s potential, and / or high resolution audio components. Typical price for two modules with four shelves plus the “Concert” isolator is £2,250. For a flagship product this is astonishing value. And you haven’t even heard it yet!


From what the designer has learned, the latest addition is exiting news for everyone: £795. The amount of money that buys the new LAS-9 Cadenz four-tier.

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"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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