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ABYSS AB-1266 Phi headphone–the best just got better.

By Jack Lawson 3rd April 2017



In Brief. Shipping dates of Diana ($3,000) and AB-1266 Phi ($4,950) coming soon. As before AB-1266 will be available with or without the leather case and desk stand. Upgrade to Phi drivers direct to the factory expected to cost $1,500 plus one-way shipping to USA. Otherwise prices unchanged.

The company stated: “In working toward creating the world's thinnest boutique headphone Diana®, new high-tech magnetics were created that allowed us to further refine the AB-1266 transducer.

We are now producing new planar drivers for the AB-1266, the updated model named the AB-1266 Phi, after the lower case Greek symbol φ.

Much improved transparency to the source, crazy low frequency impact and resolution, scary vocals, a clear window to the source. If ever there was a headphone that can transport you back to the studio, this is it!”

"See us at the NorthWest Audio Show, 22-23 June 2024" 
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