Vicenza? It Must be January!

By Jack Lawson 5th September 2020

Zingali Quantum Array in the listening room at our store

In February Zingali Acoustics of Aprilia, Italy, announced the result of many years research to improve the world patent of Omniray technology, an exclusive invention never licensed to any loudspeaker company.


The huge advantage of this waveguide is to create a waveform into a listening room that needs no acoustic correction because down to around 300Hz there is coherent dispersion, unlike the separate drivers of conventional loudspeakers.


Omniray-2 advances this key feature as shown on the diagrams. Now the high frequency compression driver is integrated to the array of bass drivers, which is far superior to D’Apolita or any other arrangement. The horn is now internally mounted and unseen but the vivid, fast, sound is easily distinguished and then, for the listener, there is no return to ordinary loudspeakers.


Anticipating home theatre rising in popularity there will be Quantum Array centre and sub but essentially the range is stereo pairs QA 2.8 (two eight inch woofers), 3.8, 2.10, and 3.10 (three ten-inch drivers).


Be assured that Quantum Array is like nothing you have ever seen or heard.


It outperforms previous Zingali classic horn designs (which continue to be available and very popular).  And of course, Quantum Array outperforms the usual suspects by an embarrassing margin. Your local dealer who does not stock Zingali is thinking about the other kind of margin associated with loudspeakers.


Look beyond the High Street.

Click Here for explanation of the Omniray-2.

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