Floorstanding Loudspeaker


Loudspeakers from the Home Monitor series by Zingali all have a certain quality which once heard is never forgotten. All Zingali monitors within this range feature the same D'Appolito arrangement of the famous Zingali patented Omniray Horn vertically flanked by mid-drivers. From the model 2.6 (two six inch drivers) right up through to the model 2.15 (two fifteen inch drivers), there is ostensibly no difference between models apart from driver and enclosure size. Tonality is startlingly similar across the range, so the choice is a more down to the listening room.

To describe the Home Monitor as neutral seems a paradox, because how can neutral be so memorable? Put simply, they seem to convey the music accurately, with beautiful tonality, without so much as a hint of the etchiness or over-detailed presentation which can plague so many hi-end loudspeakers

ZINGALI Home Monitor 2.8

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