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VAC Sigma 160i

Product Variant
  • VAC’s most affordable and compact music solution is a full-integrated amplifier, with 85-watt/channel power amplifier, true triode tube line control amplifier, and triode moving magnet phono stage. Flexibility is ensured by standard remote control, home theater input, preamplifier outputs, and optional MC and balanced inputs. If sound quality and simplicity are the priorities, this exceptionally musical amplifier is the answer.

    Quality is held to VAC’s high standards, with great care taken in combining all of the elements of separate components into a single, well integrated package. Of particular essence is the presence of a true line stage (with optional balanced inputs), and a proper volume control (not a digital or VCA control on a microchip as is the modern fashion).

    The fact that every single stage in the audio chain is in intimate proximity means that they can share a very tight, precise common ground reference, to realize the true performance possibility of the integrated form. To ensure purity and stability, the Sigma 160i incorporates separate rectifiers and power filters for the preamplifier sections. Similarly, the mechanical placement of all of the parts, from the transformers to the vacuum tubes to the capacitors and resistors has been undertaken using the principals embodied in our cost-no-object Statement amplifiers.

    The Sigma 160i SE (Special Edition) enhances performance by upgrading the input transformers and many passive parts to the types used in the premium Statement instruments. Greater size, detail, speed, and weight is the result.

    An optional glass/machined aluminum cage is available, for an appearance reminiscent of the Statement amplifiers.