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    The new Roksan PUG high-end tonearm is a design that utilises advanced materials and intricate engineering to result in mesmerising musical performance that is the most involving and sophisticated that the company has ever produced. It has been developed to Roksan’s high specifications to be one of their most exciting tonearms yet. The PUG has a very high quality 22cm diameter carbon fibre arm tube which makes the PUG rigid and light - nimble but sturdy, and gleaning the very best in detail from any vinyl source

    The PUG's metal parts are machined from brass, magnesium and aluminium, which are then chromed plated, black anodised and polished to a perfect finish. This gives the arm its luxurious look and feel, emphasising the overall quality of the product and the manufacturing process. The counterweight section of the arm is a very effective design, featuring a solid, perfectly-balanced fixed section and two adjustable counterweights, the choice of which is dependant on the weight and tracking force of the cartridge used.

    The PUG is supplied with very high quality internal wiring specifically chosen for its retrieval of micro detail and speed and is an essential component to the PUG’s overall sonic performance, which is fast, spacious and sophisticated with an unmistakable punch that is the Roksan trademark.