Awesome. Refurbished by UK specialist engineer. Less than twenty/ thirty hours use since then. Be ahead of the curve: people are fast rediscovering open reel and the true glory of master tape sound. Chances are the studio would also have used Revox / Studer: and if was good enough for them...

UK Shipping: 

APC Overnight (up to 30kg). The premium Next Day service is upgraded on request to 12 noon delivery / SECURITY / Saturday and various options. We have found APC to be a reliable, courteous and predictable service.


Europe, EC, and abroad: 

For every despatch we use a professional broker to organize the fastest and highest quality shippers, and we normally use DHL or UPS depending on territory. Our broker monitors the documentation and Customs Clearance carried out by these two reliable carriers.

Above 30kg: 

For UK and overseas we use pallet shipping which is a professional service and avoids risks of mishandling and loss. It is not expensive under our contractors and worth a quote.