NESSIE Vinylmaster

NESSIE Vinylmaster

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Record cleaning as easy as never before!

Music enthusiasts increasingly become aware of the fascination of analogue records. No other sound recording medium produces a similarly authentic sound.

However, to be able to fully enjoy the audio quality of a vinyl record, it must be perfectly clean. In many cases, the grooves of older records are virtually clogged with various kinds of deposits. These contaminations produce rustling and cracking noise and the sound lacks dynamics.

Even freshly pressed vinyl records are contaminated with parting agents and pressing residues. Therefore, you should clean any record thoroughly before playing it.

A suitable record-cleaning machine is an indispensable tool for every vinyl record enthusiast and should be part of his/her audio equipment.

Nessie Vinylmaster® is a high-end record-cleaning machine that was developed on the basis of experience gained in many thousands record cleaning cycles. Records cleaned with Nessie Vinylmaster® exend the service life of your pick-up system and guarantee unspoilt vinyl sound!