Hørning Agalme. There is no sound close to the performance of uncompromised flagship loudspeakers from a premium brand. The scale and unforced sound pressure, at low or high volume, is breathtaking, but the price, the inefficiency, and space are prohibitive. This Danish design is so elegant that the footprint is fairly low and the elegance is very high. Concealed in each enclosure are 12 in all, yeas 6 pairs of 8-inch woofers isobaric or push-pull mounted in each tower. The throw of under 1mm in a powerful magnetic field gives effortless low brass that is felt and heard even at a low level.


These are Hørning's latest series of very high-gauss, high-efficiency bass drivers. The new model discovered only four per tower totally adequate. But 24 woofers per system on transmission horns are very nice; take my word for it. I will miss them.


However, the hardest to believe is the sheer natural sound and perfect integration. This very pair of speakers which the UK Distributor has shown at Exhibitions has reduced grown men to weep.


Hørning has spent a lifetime on the acoustic design of is hybrid transmission line, of perfect wires. of special windings, fast transients and zero coloration. Much has been written especially the advice, that to hear Hørning Agalma is a humbling experience and listeners rate them way superior to all the usual suspects costing six figures. Simply put, the Agalma easily and undeniably outperform six-figures Wilsons and Grande Utopias so why doesn't everyone buy them? The Agalma is an heirloom product for life and does not need mega amps. They are way underpaid at £42,000, or the others are way over-priced, and one older types were advertised in Scotland last year on eBay for £25,000. Here is a unique opportunity, premium Macassar (very minor flaw, almost invisible, will supply photos] first come / first served at £18,990.


Hørning Agalme

£42,000.00 Regular Price
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