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Power and Dynamic Range That Stand Out

The F-05 was designed as a core component of Esoteric's new F Series of Integrated Amplifiers. Like the F-03A, its fully balanced preamplifier section was acquired from the Grandioso C1, and its high-powered amplifier modules were acquired directly from the Grandioso S1. As first seen in Esoteric's premier models, the F-05 employs a complete dual-monaural configuration through all stages of amplification, from preamplifier inputs to the final stages of the power amplifier. Highly recommended for those who value the exhilarating feel of music's rich expression, the F-05 provides the power to dynamically open any sound stage, and deliver exceptional levels of performance when used in combination with any of Esoteric's line of state-of-the art digital players.

  • Manufacturer's Description

    Speaker output  
    Rated output power 120W + 120W (8Ω)
    240W + 240W (4Ω)
    Minimum compatible impedance
    Damping factor 370
    Speaker terminals Screw type × 2 sets (L/R)
    Analog audio inputs  
    XLR (LINE) 2 pairs
    Input impedance 10kΩ
    RCA (LINE) 4 pairs
    Input impedance 10kΩ
    RCA (PHONO) 1 pair
    Input impedance  
    MC 100Ω
    MM 47Ω
    XLR (Pre-in) 1 pair
    Input impedance 47Ω
    RCA (Pre-in) 1 pair
    Input impedance 47Ω
    Analog audio outputs  
    XLR (Pre-out) 1 pair
    Output impedance 100Ω
    Pre-out S/N ratio  
    XLR, RCA入力 109dB (1V出力時)
    PHONO MC IN 75dB (1V output)
    PHONO MM IN 93dB (1V output)
    RCA (Pre-out) 1 pair
    Output impedance 100Ω
    Pre-out S/N ratio  
    XLR, RCA IN 109dB (1V output)
    PHONO MC IN 75dB (1V output)
    PHONO MM IN 93dB (1V output)
    Power supply  
      AC 230V, 50Hz
      AC 120V, 60Hz
      AC 220V, 60Hz
    Power consumption  
    AC 230V, 50Hz version 380W (no signal: 68W)
    AC 120V, 60Hz version 320W (no signal: 68W)
    External dimensions (W×H×D)  445 × 191 × 468mm
    17-⅝" × 7-⅝" × 18-½" (including protrusions)
    Weight 32kg / 70-⅝ lb
    Included accessories Power cord × 1
    Remote cotrol (RC-1301) × 1
    AAA batteries × 2
    Felt pads × 4
    Owner's manual × 1
    Warranty card × 1


    Audio performance

    Frequency response 10Hz to 100kHz (0dB/–3dB, 1W output)
    S/N ratio 110dB (IHF-A)
    Total harmonic distortion 0.007% (120W)
    Preamplifier 24.5dB (when VOLUME at maximum)
    Power amplifier 29dB
    Tone controls  
    Bass ±12dB (63Hz)
    Middle ±12dB (630Hz)
    Treble ±12dB (14kHz)

    UK Shipping: 

    APC Overnight (up to 30kg). The premium Next Day service is upgraded on request to 12 noon delivery / SECURITY / Saturday and various options. We have found APC to be a reliable, courteous and predictable service.


    Europe, EC, and abroad: 

    For every despatch we use a professional broker to organize the fastest and highest quality shippers, and we normally use DHL or UPS depending on territory. Our broker monitors the documentation and Customs Clearance carried out by these two reliable carriers.

    Above 30kg: 

    For UK and overseas we use pallet shipping which is a professional service and avoids risks of mishandling and loss. It is not expensive under our contractors and worth a quote.


    The Music Room enjoys a 40-year tradition of customer care and at time of writing, full 5-star Google reviews. In addition UK customers enjoy the legal rights of mail order and distant selling. 

    We have exported happily for many years and most probably have happy customers in your country who will confirm our reliability and refund in the event of mishaps. 

    Refunds can only be made by the same payment form and to the same account to avoid possible fraud or money laundering.

  • The Music Room price matching...

    The Music Room price matching...

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