AM Hi-End 833m
  • AM Hi-End 833m


    The AM 833M is an absolute state-of-the-art, no compromise design to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

    Both the amplifier and the power supply sections are isolated to reduce magnetic field interference from the two massive double C HIB power transformers, thus ensuring that pure power is supplied to the amplifier.

    The signal circuit is direct coupled and transformer coupled, eliminating capacitors from the signal path to avoid any compression of the dynamic range.

    The multiple independent power supplies use an effective π-shaped filter circuit for exceptional noise isolation.

    All the tube heaters use silicone-diode rectification. The π-shaped filter choke transformers are DC coupled to a large volume condenser to minimise hum.

    Both the driver and output transformers use a very complicated winding technique and are constructed of special magnetic materials so that a bandwidth of 10Hz- 120KHz. is achieved.

    The 833 tube sockets are machined from Teflon, and use gold plated phosphorous bronze round pins for exceptional contact and improved sound quality.

    The internal wiring is either silver or a specialised undue rectangular Ultra Pure OCC Copper, which was carefully chosen over extensive listening tests. 

    The chassis is constructed of a very thick aluminium alloy, machined by precision CNC machinery to ensure it's extreme strength, stability, reliability and resonant control properties.

    It is this attention to detail and lack of compromises that result in an exceptionally musical and stunningly clear sound reproduction, which brings the listener closer to the music and the music closer to the listener.



    • Tube complementECC88 or KT120、KT150 as the drivers, KT88 as the amplifiers . 833

    • Frequency response20Hz-100KHz

    • Input Impedance100k ohms

    • Input  sensitivity 1.0Vrms

    • S / N > 95dB 

    • Input selections RCA single-ended ;  balanced / XLR

    • Power Output  20w

    • Load impedance 4 & 8 ohms

    • Power consumption 400W(each)

    • Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240 VAC 50-60Hz

    • Dimensions (W * D * H) 400 X 500 X 284  (mm)

    • Weight 50kg x 2