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    The B80 loudspeaker is in its second stage of development. It is visually and acoustically closely related to Burmester’s flagship B100. Our goals in developing the B80 have been to create a sonically outstanding speaker in a beautiful shape that easily fits into any home ambience despite its considerable size. A magneto static ribbon tweeter with upgraded sound radiation control provides the B80 MK2 loudspeaker with extended, finely delineated highs. Two side-mounted woofers with stable glass fiber diaphragms, extended throw and powerful magnets endow the speaker with deep yet tightly controlled bass reproduction. The mid-range drivers have been modified to Burmester’s specifications to convey every musical nuance in the all-important middle of the musical spectrum.DesignThe whole appearance of the B80 MK2 loudspeaker represents luxury. Three standard cabinet finishes in makassar, elsberry or deglazed silver enamel offer attractive options for individual tastes. Tweeters and mid-range drivers are solidly housed in the massive aluminum front. To top off the overall clean esthetics the terminals for the speaker cables are hidden away in the base of the speaker.HandmadeHousing, drivers, crossovers and low-loss internal wiring are carefully assembled in our Berlin speaker factory to a 140-pound audiophile masterpiece. The drivers have been measured to exacting standards and selected in pairs. Before being mounted in the speaker they have been burned in around the clock for seven days and measured again to ensure identical pairing.Design
    With an imposing size and elegant looks the B100 is an esthetic design object that is a visual focal point in any room. Its clean lines, however, make it easy to integrate the speaker into any home ambience. The use of very expensive materials underscores the value of this exclusive design object. The shape of the B100 suggests the wings of modern-day airplanes, which gives the largest and heaviest floor-standing speaker in the Burmester portfolio a surprising visual lightness. Mid-range drivers and tweeters in a so-called d’Appolito configuration ensure balanced sound radiation, high impulse stability and relaxed long-term listening pleasure. Even a forte fortissimo with 115 dB never fazes this 280 pounds heavyweight champ with the ability to also communicate small musical details with utmost fidelity.

    The B100 loudspeaker is manufactured with greatest care by hand in our Berlin speaker factory. All drivers are measured to exacting standards and selected in perfect pairs. They are then burned in around the clock for seven days and measured again. These extraordinary measures are designed to avoid any changes in sound characteristics after delivery.

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