Audio Music RT-3 Ultima

Audio Music RT-3 Ultima

£20,000.00 Regular Price
£10,000.00Sale Price
Audio Music RT-3 Ultima Tube Pre-amp (3-chassis) with mono power supplies. Ex-demo (rotating stock) as new, fully run-in. Three inputs (RCA or XLR). RCA or XLR output. Stellar performance because it delivers the fastest and most 3-D sound that you cannot imagine engraved on LP or CD. Understated elegance. By a long way this is the finest build and performing pre-amp in my audiophile experience. It is a game changer, designed and crafted by a genius. Ultra reliable and cool running, forget there are tubes. No hum, and no noise. No need for remote control because volume acts to equalize your system and listening level: the dynamic range and natural clarity become the organic or automatic volume “control.” MRP £20,000 for sale below cost. Now £10,000.

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