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The Press may serve the conspiracy to switch you to digital files but the choice, performance and value of CD assures its future. Collectors are offered the greatest choice ever of new titles and re-mastered favourites, Super Audio DSD and 16-bit, singles or boxed sets, rock or classics. Many appreciate in price so buy now!! Music Room choice of selected CD players now offers two from British manufacturer, ATC. The all new CD2 is 2/3 size but four thirds performance. Featuring TEAC premium transport and AKM 32-bit DAC, legendary ATC crafted build in England and a six year warranty (two years on the mechanism) the value is clear. You’ll pay no more at The Music Room but here you will get free advice on product matching and competing models (the Primare CD15 of similar dimensions and price springs to mind), and how to optimize sound quality: from cables to de-static, SHM quality CD’s, etc.


  • This compact high-performance CD digital audio source has been designed to offer exceptional performance and compatibility with a very wide range of partnering electronics both from ATC and other high-quality manufactures. Styling compliments ATC’s full range of audio electronics, but its small form factor (2/3 width) makes it the perfect partner to the equally compact SIA2-100 integrated amplifier whilst occupying very little space in the home.