Post Brexit Sales

We regret the UK has exited the EU and we hope Scotland will rejoin the European family within 10 years, maybe less. We will be back! 


For now we promise to take care of our new and existing customers and loyal friends across Europe as before.


We will use our trusted carriers and make sure that our Customs Declarations and invoices are fully compliant. This avoids extra costs and delays. 


The Music Room will always offer lower prices and better support: experience and honesty. 


Provided we comply fully with the rules, we can avoid the mistakes that most UK sellers are making in ignorance. Please talk to us by phone or email and we can suggest the best way in each case. It is very complicated. Different rules for high or low price category / commodity code / new or used / country or origin (manufacture) / new or used. 


So long as we understand the rules, we can stay ahead. 


Stay safe. And thank you for your custom. 


We have 40 years experience and reputation but we remain a small family business. 

Annabel and Jack Lawson