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How High is High? Aspiration audio in an age of high technology. What is the high end?


These are practical questions the astute audiophile needs to define because the marketing machines cloud the issue (as they are handsomely paid to do).


ABYSS Diana Phi 

The sound of the world's best headphones in an elegant package? Only Abyss by JPS Labs of New York could have done it. But how? The acclaimed Abyss driver is literally shoehorned into a boutique package behind horn shaped soft earpads that enhance the 



PRIMARE 204 "Goldtop" CD Player 

One of the hi-fi world's most iconic CD players. Unique floating aesthetic and timeless sonic performance.


What some of our customers have to say

Just a quick thank you for all your help in setting up the Origin Live Illustrious on my Michel Orbe, can’t tell you the difference it has made to my system & enjoyment of listening to my records. You provide an an excellent service which is a joy to experience. I look forward to my next opportunity to upgrade my system with you. Thanks again

PW (Stirlingshire)
April 2019


Opened in November 1979 The Music Room was Scotland's first high end audio retailer, and since then we have become synonymous with the very best brands our industry has to offer. Always run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, our forward looking policies included building the UK's first demo room, as well as being the first to offer two year warranties on all new equipment. We were among the first in the UK to introduce high-end manufacturers Koetsu, Mark Levinson, Audio Research, etc., and we even drafted the founding charter for BADA.