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System Building Expertise This is the real secret of success that distinguishes the men from the boys. Both neurotic hobbyists and party animals can clearly hear the difference between live and recorded sound, so why (we commiserate) do 99% systems -- from High End to Lifestyle Wireless -- sound grey & soulless? Because many manufacturers and dealers know that merely passing the basic requirements is often enough. But that approach doesn’t work for us. For us “High Fidelity” is a phrase which still has meaning. Our experience allows us to organically match systems: pairing compatible components synergistically with prospective owners and environments, lifestyles & tastes. The variety is endless… as are the potential pitfalls. In our ‘Systems’ section we set out some of our current favourite combinations. Also, choosing your current favourite product from what you own already is usually a good way to start if you’re not in a position to implement a complete overhaul: So, if you love your existing amplifier, then upgrade the speakers to match, then cables and sources accordingly. Match the speakers to your room. Stay consistently with single-end or balanced; all components offering both are truly optimised for one or the other Isolate mains pollution, vibrations, etc and use the most neutral but shielded cables consistently (from one brand). Most cables simply change the sound: the goal should be to reduce noise from many sources, RFI, EMI, mains pollution & mechanical vibrations. Please click here for constantly updated suggestions from our showroom.
What they're saying about The Music Room

Zingali Client Name 1.15

I'm in audio heaven... Out of the box they sound amazing. The veil has been lifted, the stage improved, the detail enhanced, the silence is blacker, the timber is physics. Truly magical, I want to call you but I can't stop listening!

May 2014

Zingali HM 2.06

I wanted to let you know finally got the Home Monitors and to tell you they are everything you said they would be and more. I have not heard a speaker sound that balanced in all 3 levels and sound that good near the price. I can think of a few pairs but they are 18 grand or more! We listened to them with 3 different amps before I brought them home and sounded amazing with all combos. The most shocking part was this was right out of the box! Do they get even better with time? Really want to thank you for your advice it's a sin that more people don't know about these because if they just listen they will find them very hard to beat.

April 2014

Audio Analogue Maestro Amp

Happy Easter... The music pouring out of this system is literally marvellous now with the Duettos on the Track stands - these speakers are phenomenally enjoyable. Best is that the sound is so much better than I can imagine in my head that it keeps any piece of music sounding fresh each time I put it on - it now takes ages for my enthusiasm for a new CD to wane. Many thanks again.

April 2014
RM, Cambridge, England.

Gryphon Diablo + Mojos

...The sound from the Gryphon system is absolutely phenomenal... Thank you for all your advice and support.

April 2014
SR, Glasgow.

Gryphon Mikado CD Player

Received the CDT today, thank you very much for the first class service. Pleasure doing business with you. All the best for the future.

April 2014
SB, Cornwall

Grand Prix Audio Monaco Isolation

I've said it before (and you can quote me on this) dealing with you is very clear, straightforward and totally stress free.

June 2012
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New Music Room Store Now Open

New 4 demo-room store in Glasgow City centre opens its doorsWith apologies for reduced web activities, The Music Room has now moved and refurbished a spacious 4-demo room, city-centre shop. Handy for rapid discovery, it is one mile from Central Station, beside a city Underground and ten minutes from...

We Are Moving

The Music Room is closed Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 February as we are moving to new premises.Apologies for any inconvenience.Email and telephones as before. New address:The Music Room33 - 35 West Graham StreetGlasgow G4 9LJScotland, UK.

The Music Room @ The National Audio Show 2013

The Music Room will be attending the National Audio Show in Whittlebury on 21-22 September and we are bringing the most exciting new Hi-Fi in the world along with us.In Headzone, you can look forward to the UK premier of the astounding Abyss AB-1266 headphones (£3,495) which will be on dem with a v...

A Visit to Zingali Acoustics

Showroom Reception at Zingali Acoustics, Aprilia -- the largest and most modern loudspeaker factory in ItalyReal Hi-Fi is still alive and sold in real Hi-Fi Shops. The Music Room has worked with Zingali Italy for fifteen years and last month made the fourth factory visit … or is it a pilgrimage.Th...

Music Room Systems

Systems in Motion

Perhaps you've already noticed that little green icon at the top of our website, but in case you haven't, we are happy to announce that The Music Room now has it's own Youtube Channel.My, aren't we fancy!Of course, it's impossible communicate the blissful sound quality of the equipment on demonstrat...

Pathos Endorphin, Inpol and Focal Scala Utopia

At The Music Room we don’t match systems up by what looks good on paper, we listen to all the options. That’s why we can’t recommend this unlikely combination of amp & speaker highly enough! Sure, a big bruiser of a power amp will get you a little bit more bass and ultimate volume but you woul...

Audio Analogue Maestros and ProAc D30R

ProAc’s D30R speakers are special; not just for their price, or for their compact size, but ‘special’ full stop. They are also very simple to match. But we’ve discovered a particular kind of synergy with these Italian Audio Analogue components. We can demonstrate with a choice of two of thei...

Burmester, Burmester, Burmester and Burmester.

A very special sounding all-Burmester system. It possesses great energy and drive but handles all the demands for subtlety too thanks to that wonderfully smooth & dimensional sounding 061 CD player. And why hide your system away when it looks as fantastic as this?BURMESTER 061 CDBURMESTER 035 PRE AM...